Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Why Use Company Monitoring on UK & Irish Limited Companies?

This is a quick Q & A about company monitoring and the reasons and benefits for using this type of services by Creditserve Business Information Ltd:-

Q1. What is Company Monitoring?

A. Company Monitoring is an automatic system which allows suppliers to stay up to date with information which becomes available on their customers.

Q2. Why use Company Monitoring?

A. Company Monitoring is used as a form of data gathering on your customers so that if their credit rating changes for better or worse you will be made aware of the changes as soon as the information is available.

Q3. What information updates can I receive when using company monitoring?

A. You can Monitor any Limited Company in the UK & Ireland for any of the following types of information: CCJ & Derogatory Information, New Annual Accounts, New Annual Returns, Credit Limit Change, Risk Score Changes,  Director Changes & Change of Registered Office.

Q4. How often do the Company Monitoring updates get sent, and how?

A. The Company Monitoring updates are sent by email daily on any Limited Company which has information changes on them, so there is a live feed of information. Therefore you have the ability to stay up to date with any changes on all of your customers.

Q5. How many companies can we add to Company Monitoring?

A. We offer unlimited monitoring capabilities for all UK & Irish limited companies, all you need is the correct company name and/or registration number.

Creditserve are able to offer unlimited monitoring as part of our Gold or Silver Packages available via or should you require a more in depth quotation please feel free to call 01992 414222 and I would be happy to discuss all of our products and services with you.

If there are any further questions you have relating to Company Monitoring or if you have any questions regarding Credit Reporting whatsoever then please do not hesitate in contacting me at or please follow me on twitter @creditserve for more interesting company information.

Kind Regards

Martin Brown
Creditserve Business Information Ltd

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